5 Reasons You Should Try Herbal Inhalers (For Cold, Stress Relief and More)
Mar 29 2022

5 Reasons You Should Try Herbal Inhalers (For Cold, Stress Relief and More)

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When it comes to managing a cold or flu, one of the worst things you can do is put yourself to bed with a bottle of pills. Sure, this will help you feel better—but do you get rid of the cold?

Traditional treatments such as antibiotics and pain relievers only mask the symptoms of the cold. But herbal remedies offer much more relief, and they're safe and free of side effects. If you're looking for natural ways to relieve stress, alleviate cold symptoms and help you breathe more deeply, then you've come to the right place. Herbal inhalers are one of the most effective, natural ways to do just that. Not only do herbal inhalers treat symptoms such as congestion and dry cough, but they also offer relief from stress, anxiety, and other conditions

Did you know that herbal nasal inhaler has been around for hundreds of years? They are often recommended for common types of headaches, cold, sinusitis, stress, anxiety and more—and they are extremely safe for long-term use.

Here is a list of reasons why herbal inhalers can be so beneficial:

1. Alleviates Nasal Congestion and Promotes Easier Breathing in Common Cold

It's hard to breathe if your nasal passage is congested. Symptoms of nasal congestion include difficulty breathing through the nose, a runny nose and even stuffy head. One of the many benefits of an herbal inhaler is its ability to combat respiratory congestion. It soothes irritated and inflamed tissues in the nasal cavity by provide a cooling sensation. Whether you are looking to treat a common cold or sinus infection, this type of inhaler is a great way to provide relief from nasal congestion and soothe sinuses while helping you take a deep breath.

2. Energizes Your Body & Mind

One of the most popular and natural ways to energize your body and mind is through herbal inhalation. A variety of herbs have been shown to provide both physical and mental stimulation through the use of a vaporizer. Popular herbs include camphor, menthol, mint, and many more. These are known for their ability to boost cognitive abilities, improve mood, relieve stress, and enhance a sense of well-being.

3. Provides Relief from Motion Sickness or Dizziness.

Motion sickness is often triggered by visual, auditory, or olfactory stimuli that are experienced in the absence of physical movement. his can include watching television or movies, riding a bus or train, or even eating certain foods (particularly spicy foods). Herbal inhalers help alleviate motion sickness by increasing the amount of serotonin in your brain. Freshaler Herbal Inhaler is a combination of herbs that help calm the nervous system and ease symptoms of motion sickness.

4. Helps You Relax

Herbal inhalers are quick-relief inhalers that come in many shapes and sizes, but all serve the same purpose: to help people relax. For example, if someone has had a stressful day at work, he or she can inhale the vapor of from the inhaler to help calm and relax the mind and body. The vapor travels through the bloodstream to the brain and stimulates the central nervous system. The brain responds by relaxing all the muscles in the body.

5. Reduces Headaches

Some people feel the pain of headaches and migraines more than others, but for all, they're an occasional nuisance that can often take a toll on productivity and mental clarity. Whether it's the stress of an exam, or simply a bad day, headaches can sometimes be tough to shake off. An herbal inhaler reduces inflammation and stimulate the central nervous system. Not only it soothes the nerves making you feel better but they also tend to help with insomnia.


An aromatic herbal inhaler is one of the most effective home remedies that you can use to relieve the symptoms of a cold or flu, alleviate stress, fight off cold germs, and promote overall good health.

Freshaler Herbal Inhaler

Freshaler Herbal Inhaler is a power-pack inhaler made with camphor, menthol, mint, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper. This powerful herbal inhaler can help soothe sore throats, provides relief from nasal congestion, reduces breathing difficulties, boost energy and heal common cold. It can be used by kids above 3 years of age to adults to elders. The Aroma in the product is so amazing that when you wake up, inhaling for a long time will make you charged, refreshed, stress-free and active all day. It is a go to product with herbal extracts to make you feel relaxed.

If you haven’t tried herbal inhalers yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Learn more about Freshaler Herbal Inhaler

Please Note: If you have a medical history and are consuming prescription drugs, please consult your family doctor before using the herbal product.