Freshaler Herbal Inhaler Lemongrass

Freshaler herbal inhaler in Lemongrass flavour helps you get rid of blocked nose, anxiety, stress, cold, migraine, sinus, dizziness. It is a go to product that makes you feel fresh and active instantly.

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Herbal Inhaler is formulated with 100% Natural herbs. The new Lemongrass flavour is so refreshing that when you inhale in the morning you will feel fresh all day. It is made with herbal extracts and is favourable for all seasons.

We have designed a lemongrass flavour inhaler in such a way that you can use it anytime to feel stress-free. It does not include any artificial or harmful chemicals and it has pure herbs and the ingredients used will help you get rid of cough, cold and headache. It has soothing vapors which will help you sleep well at night.


Lemongrass oil

Lemongrass is known for its uber-refreshing scent with a zesty kick to it. The lemongrass fragrance is the perfect balance of soothing and refreshing which helps to reduce stress & anxiety. It is well known for improving moods and concentration levels.

Mint oil

The main chemical component of peppermint here, is an effective decongestant. Decongestants shrink the swollen membranes in the nose, making it easier to breathe.


Cinnamon helps you remove phlegm from the throat and give your immune system a boost. It is to effectively treat respiratory tract infections caused by fungi.


Here Menthol has been used to reduce dyspnea in many respiratory conditions. It naturally clears nose, throat, bronchi, and lung congestion. Apart from respiratory channels, it also eases irritation caused by chronic coughing.It is anti inflammatory in nature.


It acts as an expectorant for treating respiratory disorders, including colds, bronchitis, cough, asthma, and upper-respiratory conditions due to its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties.

Black Pepper

It is helpful to get rid of itchy throat. The anti-inflammatory quality present in black pepper helps in reducing swellings in the eyes and other parts of the body.

How to Use

Note : After every use keep the bottle tightly closed.



The inhaler helps to get relief from cold.


Inhaling this will help feel better from dizziness.


It helps in relieving sinus pains


It helps in headache caused due to migraine


It relieves stress and helps you to feel fresh


This Inhaler makes you feel calm and relaxed


Freshaler herbal inhaler helps you get rid of blocked nose, anxiety, stress, cold, migraine, sinus, dizziness. It is a go to product that makes you feel fresh and active instantly.

Herbal Inhaler is formulated with 100% natural herbs. The Aroma in the product is so amazing that when you wake up, inhaling for a long time will make you charged, refreshed, stress-free and active all day. It is a go to product with herbal extracts which will make you feel relaxed.

Herbal Inhaler Classic is formulated with 100% Natural Herbs and it is suitable for all seasons and Herbal Inhaler Lemongrass has amazing aroma of Lemongrass and it is so soothing that it helps sleep well at night.

There are three major steps to follow.

  1. Open the lid of the bottle.
  2. Inhale the inhaler for Fresh Feel.
  3. Place the open bottle at your side table or at your study table to enjoy freshness for the long time.
Note: Keep Bottle tightly closed after every use.

Freshaler Herbal Inhaler is made up of pure herbs and as it is made with Natural Ingredients it does not have any side effects and it is being used by every age group above 3 years.

The herbs will certainly help you in anxiety, migraine and stress.

The aroma is soothing and so to inhale it makes you feel relaxed, stress-free and fresh instantly.

Composition: Camphor, Mint, Cinnamon, Menthol, Clove, Black pepper.

The answer is yes. The ingredients and the aroma of the Inhaler helps to reduce Nasal Congestion but you also need to drink lots of water and clear fluid to heal completely.

Freshaler Herbal Inhaler helps to get rid of cold, dizziness, sinus, migraine, stress, anxiety.

There are no side effects of Freshaler Herbal Inhaler as it is Natural and formulated with pure herbs.

No, there is no alcohol in Freshaler herbal inhaler.