7 Amazing Hacks to Plump your lips hydrated Naturally all day
Jul 18 2022

7 Amazing Hacks to Plump your lips hydrated Naturally all day

Lips Hydrated all day! You must be curious about the 7 amazing hacks to plump your lips hydrated. Currently, in this new digital time of social media, all you desire is to have a plumpy pout which gives you a charming smile!

Going anywhere in meetings or parties, soft and glossy lips boost your confidence. Your lip has different pH than the skin so it requires special care and nourishment.

Dry and Chapped lip is extremely painful when not cured and cared for properly. Use the best lip balm for your cracked lips. The key ingredients in the natural lip products are olive oil, sweet almond oil, peach extract, raw cocoa butter, vitamin E and many more.

Few hacks for Lip treatments to get you hydrated lip care formula 

Stay Hydrated

The first natural way of getting healthy plumpy lips is to drink more and more water. Just like our body, we all need to stay hydrated all day to be fit and fine to get a healthy skin.

Glasses of water a day keeps your lips hydrated with a perfect pout everyday. 

Exfoliate Lips to remove dead skin 

Initially, for plumpy lips, removing dead skin and cracked skin is all our priority. Using 100% natural scrub is very healthy for the lips and quick to heal.

Make sure you use complete organic scrub generally made with active ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, Vitamin E, Brown Sugar, etc. Gently applying this lip scrub in a circular motion on your lips eliminates dead skin and gives complete nourishment.

Try Out 100% Natural Freshaler Peach Lip scrub to best exfoliate the lips.

Apply hydrating Lip Mask

Lip mask offers you soft and plumpy pink lips when used perfectly. Both day and Overnight Treatment of lip sleeping masks are available as per your requirement to let you stay hydrated.

It let your lips pampered from pout lip mask with natural moisturising ingredients like – shea butter, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, and lex feel. Freshaler offers a peach lip scrub that helps to fix the dry, pigmented and chapped lips.

Apply Lip Balm 

Lip balm keeps your lips healthy and nourished. It is recommended that you can apply hydrating lip balm 4 to 5 times a day as per the dryness of your lips.

It will keep your lips plumpy like jelly and feel soft and smooth. Choose a chemical-free 100% natural lip balm that also protects your lips from sun damage, and pigmentation and keeps them pink.

Freshaler offers peach lip balm which is formulated with natural ingredients that keeps your lips smoother, offer a healthy fuller pout and remove dead skin cells. 

Use Sunscreen for Lip Treatments 

Protecting your lips from the sun is the most important factor that needs to be taken into consideration.

Just like the face can have sunburn, the same way we need to take special care of lips. Adding sun protection to your lip care routine is the best to keep your lips pink, smooth and soft.

Avoid Over Using Matt Lipsticks 

Have you ever read the ingredients written on matt lipsticks? There is no doubt about how stunning matt lipsticks look. But it can sometimes offer you drastic results of dry and chapped lips. There are good brands that offer natural ingredients based on liquid matt lipsticks that do not affect your lips. Also using lip care products keeps your lips well-nourished.

Final Touchup with Lip Balm  

Generally, when you use lipsticks, they contain inorganic or chemical ingredients which may lead to drying, cracking, darker shades and pigmentation.

Using lip Balm assures you of smooth and healthy lips. It is recommended that doing a final touch-up with regular lip balm on lipstick can keeps your lips soft, plumpy and anyway protect your lips from dryness.


Lip plumping has become an essential beauty hack for women everywhere. In fact, lip plumper is now considered a staple product among every woman's makeup bag.

However, the problem with healthy glow lips is that it takes hours to get results. It requires constant application, and even though it does work well, it doesn't last long.

Not only that, but it also leaves a sticky residue on your lips, which makes it hard to eat and drink during the rest of the day.

Luckily, there are several natural methods that we can try to achieve a delicate lips without leaving behind these issues. 

Whether you are looking for a glossy lip for your night party or plumpy lips for your lunch date. Freshaler offers you an amazing freshaler lip care product that is formulated with 100% Natural Ingredients. Try this overnight lip mask and get up with a plumpy lips next morning. Grab it now and pamper your Lips like plumpy hydrated lips!